Site Registration FAQs

A combination of the two. If clinic staff can be made available, that would be ideal. If not, we are looking at securing vaccine administrators.

We are finalising reimbursement for utilisation of private sector facilities. Government will pay for this.

The rollout plan will depend on when we get the vaccines in, we are waiting for this information from government. Our thinking, and suggestion to government, is that we must try to vaccinate everybody over 60 and over 70, plus everybody with comorbidities, between April and June, vaccines permitting. At this stage, we are seeking information on available sites, we will share specific timeframes as soon as we have this.

We are moving towards a view that says our priority should be to vaccinate the grouping referred to above before winter, because this grouping is most vulnerable to death and hospitalisation. If we prioritise this group, we will save lives and ensure private and public hospitals are not stressed. So, we will use the facilities for the public in that category. This will be the Phase 2 (a) vaccinations. Other sectoral essential workers will be Phase 2 (b), immediately after 2 (a).

Small sites assume 2 vaccinators with support staff, capable of vaccinating ~10-12 people per hour (5-6 vaccinations per vaccinator). We have mapped over 1,200 sites across the country based in local pharmacies, GP practices, community clinics, pop-up facilities in community centres and mobile facilities which can vaccinate congregate settings or isolated areas. Employer and OHS sites may fit in here. These have a total capacity to achieve 80,000-110,000 vaccinations a day.

Medium sized facilities assume teams of at least 5 vaccinators with relevant support staff, capable of ~30 vaccinations per hour. These could be in hospital car parks, community centres, clinics and retail mall car parks. We estimate total capacity of ~150,000 vaccinations per day from ~500 such sites across the country.

These will be complemented by mass vaccination sites, limited to high density areas, and staffed by ~20 vaccinators. These large vaccination sites (in stadiums, conference centers, etc) will be capable of up to 55,000 vaccinations a day.

This is still being worked on.

This depends on which vaccines we get in at what time, but our logistics group will work with private sector facilities to ensure this is addressed.

There are sites that have to register with different authorities anyway, these include pharmacies, GP rooms, community clinics, OHS facilities and others. We are working with government to develop criteria to be met for those appropriate sites that are available but do not fall into that category, in order to sanction them for vaccinating.