CGA Citrus Summit Outreach

The CGA Citrus Summit is a biennial event that aims to bring growers of the different citrus regions to meet and discuss issues on a broader spectrum.

The CGA actively shows benevolence by supporting eligible charities nationwide, with a focus on citrus growing regions.


Orange Heart started after the first CGA Citrus Summit, in 2015. Since then, funding generated by the Summit has been donated to local charity organisations, focussing on early childhood development projects, and organisations that empower and support women.

Growers' are invited to nominate deserving charities to be considered for the Summit Outreach.

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Langbos Crèche
and Care Centre

Langbos is an informal settlement in Addo, where 500 people live in dire poverty, without access to basic amenities, like water and electricity. The project started with the building of the Langbos Crèche and Care Centre, a safe haven in the heart of Langbos. the donation was all put towards the physical building of the multi-purpose Dome Home Centre, which is a truly beautiful and special place. 

Care Home

Rita’s Care Home was established by Rita Terblanche in Despatch in 2010, with the aim of providing quality care for the elderly. The home began with two elderly residents and today they have fifteen residents – all of whom are frail and require 24-hour care. Rita manages the medical aspect of the home, while her daughter, Seugnet, manages the home and all its administration.

Klouter Kabouter

Quacha’s Klouter Kabouter preschool opened with a total of 12 farm children and has since expanded and maintained an enrolment of 30 learners. It has identified and trained two quality teachers, one that used to work as a general farm worker on Quacha Farms. The preschool itself is vibrant, multi-racial and multi-cultural. The kids receive opportunities to develop academically, socially, physically and emotionally, it channels potential in such a way that parents and the broader community alike want to take part in and become excited about their children’s future.

Lesedi Day Care

The day care facility provides care for 36 to 52 farmworker children up to the age of four. They ensure that working mothers can earn an income and be assured that their young children are safe, fed and receive quality early childhood education in a nurturing environment. At the crèche, children receive nutritious meals, early childhood development and education, in preparation for primary school.

Kaross Foundation

The main objective of the Kaross Foundation is to identify, fund and implement projects that will result in a sustainable improvement in the quality of life of both Kaross and Groep 91 Uitvoer’s employees and their communities.

The objective of the Teacher Training & Development program with Magri’s Language Institute (MLI), was to start to address the key language issues within the different educational institutions focusing on the Grade 8 and 9 educators in our Secondary Partnership schools and the Grade 3 and 4 educators in our Primary Partnership schools.

ACT - Action for Community
Transformation – Citrusdal

Their main objective is to empower families/households to thrive, whilst taking faith-based action towards co-ordinated and targeted initiatives that address the cause and consequences of deprivation and poverty in Citrusdal and surrounding farms. Their community centre is an ongoing project with a disabilities day care unit, a knitting project, CANSA clinic and a very successful Kid’s Kitchen. 

Zwartbooisberg Boerdery
Creche and Aftercare

Zwartbooisberg Boerdery, situated in Kakamas, has been investing in their workers' children for many years in the form of a crèche and aftercare center.

Preparatory School

Yellowwoods Preparatory is an independent, co-educational school from  Pre-Primary through to Grade 7.  The campus is situated midway between Adelaide and Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.   Children are from a cross-section of previously disadvantaged families to children of local farmers (including a number of citrus growers) and business people.  Quality schooling is becoming a problem in the country areas and we believe it imperative that the community offers quality education for at least Primary School level.  This facility is important for not only local farmers and business people, but also for the managers they need to attract to their own businesses and the community

Aftercare and Creche